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Hello and welcome to Champions of Nosgoth's guild web page we are a new guild always looking for new members to join us we are a laid back leveling guild and want to have a full guild leveling and raiding by Cataclysm. Any level 80s that join the guild are more then welcome to make raiding events for them and other 80s in the guild. Also if any guilds are interested into an alliance with them we can work things out. if you have any question feel free to ask me (Salra) the main recruiter of the guild. Kayonor the guild leader or Raziel the organizer. We hope you enjoy your stay with us :)
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Terible news...........

Kayonor, Sep 14, 10 6:15 PM.
If things continue to go the way it has been im probably going to shut down the guild once i'm able to return........
My video card is fried and i'm unable to get on. Raziel hasn't been on in 3 months for unknown reasons. same with Salra. if people say for me to not go through with this, leave a comment. if nobody cares the guild is going to be disbanded once i'm back on.

Good news everyone........... somewhat

Kayonor, Aug 27, 10 10:01 PM.
Well I have enough money for the video card now, the only problem is my WoW time will be up by the time I get it.....
so its going to be even longer before im back. PREY RAZIEL OR SALRA GET BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn computer

Kayonor, Aug 15, 10 8:00 PM.
Just my luck, I get back from the 1 week vacation and my video card on the computer dies......... again. this damn computer has gone through about 4 already. I'll be on for a few days, going to someone elses house who has WoW. but on Friday It might be awhile for me to get on again.

GM recruitment open

Kayonor, Jul 9, 10 11:02 PM.
We are a bit low on guild masters with 2 of them being gone and only 1 able to get on. if you feel like you are suited for the job, just mail Kayonor a letter as an application. we are only accepting 3 new GM's currently.

checking in

Razièl42, Jun 26, 10 3:20 PM.
im wondering if any one visits the site. theres no point in having it if we dont use it. any one who sees this i want you to leave a comment on it. that way i know whose using it
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